The Arts Advocate Report was founded in 1994 to strengthen the engagement of Ontario’s arts and culture sector in public policy.

The Report offers objective, non-partisan information and analysis about policy, events and trends that affect Ontario’s cultural sector. It is published six times a year and is complemented by E-Bulletins, when information and events warrant.

On occasion, The Arts Advocate Report will publish special reports or convene briefings exclusive to subscribers that focus on issues of specific relevance to the cultural sector.

Micheline McKay

The Arts Advocate Report is published by Micheline McKay, an active consultant committed to encouraging a positive policy climate for her clients in the cultural sector. She believes passionately that the lives of all Canadians are enriched by a vibrant creative sector and we work to cultivate an environment that nurtures and sustains the artistic spirit.

The Arts Advocate

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Michela Comparey – Researcher and social media coordinator

Michela complements her active career as a tuba player as our researcher and social media coordinator.