Cultural sector response to Budget 2017

Mar 23 2017 --- Cultural Policy

The cultural sector response to Budget 2017, tabled by federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau yesterday (22 March 2017), is positive. In addition though, there remains much anticipation for news on the cultural export strategy and the promised cultural policy toolkit refresh.

Here’s a snapshot of some of excerpts of various responses from key organizations:


Government must seize opportunity to build stronger creative industries

 Internet Broadcasters like Netflix can’t be exempted from broadcast regulation, says performers’ union

The Canadian union representing 23,000 performers in film, television and digital media across the country will be front and centre in the policy discussions on Broadcast Policy and Intellectual Property Rights announced in yesterday’s Budget.

Canadian Arts Coalition

The Canadian Arts Coalition (CAC) is pleased to see an investment of $300 million over 10 years for the Cultural Spaces Fund. This is part of a larger $1.6 billion investment for cultural and recreational infrastructure in the 2017 federal budget which bear the potential to yield significant societal benefits, in addition to economic impact….

The Canadian Arts Coalition is eager to learn how the government intends to deliver on its Budget 2016 commitments and on its other landmark initiatives, such as the Showcasing Canada program and the reflection on the digital world.

Canadian Media Producers Association

Today’s federal budget outlines a number of priorities developed to support Canada’s creative entrepreneurs, strengthen the country’s media production sector, and bring the best of Canada to the world. The Canadian Media Producers Association and its members applaud these initiatives and the government’s renewed commitment to investment in the cultural sector.

Canadian Museum Association

In a cautious budget considered by some as a “no new-spending budget,” the heritage sector may be one of the few recipients of good news.

The Canadian Museums Association (CMA) is pleased with the announcement of an increase over the next three years to the Young Canada Works (YCW) program, specifically for jobs in the heritage sector….

“We are very pleased to see the increase in youth employment funding in our sector. We have been consistently over-subscribed and have previously requested additional funds. Museums offer the highest quality learning opportunities for youth. This is good news for youth and museums,” said John G. McAvity, executive director of the CMA

La Fédération culturelle canadienne-française

C’est un budget où non seulement le gouvernement remplit ses promesses faites dans le passé, mais reconnaît que nos communautés ont besoin d’espaces pour vivre en français. Des espaces qui appuieront le développement culturel de nos communautés et les artistes qui y participent

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