Contrasting perspectives on federal Budget 2017

Mar 30 2017 --- Cultural Policy

Canadian Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly summed up her thoughts on  last week’s federal budget for the cultural sector like this:

Our government is proud to show our support for the creative sector with Budget 2017. Along with the more than $1.9 billion announced in 2016, our new investments in innovation will help Canada’s creative sector lead the way in creating new experiences, new technologies, and new, well-paying jobs for Canadians.

The Arts Advocate also asked the opposition parties how they would characterize Budget 2017. We’ve heard back from the Official Opposition Conservative Party. Canadian Heritage Critic Peter Van Loan said this:

Budget 2017 is long term bad news for the culture sector. Today’s debt and deficits will become tomorrow’s culture cuts – as history has demonstrated. 

The budget once again adds close to $30 Billion in deficit spending to the National Debt. There is no projection of a balanced budget on the horizon. Whenever Government debts and deficits skyrocket like this, we know that cuts to culture are ahead. Inevitably, public demand to reverse this trend will arise – and efforts to dig Canada out of the fiscal hole being dug today will disproportionately fall on the Cultural sectors.

Further  he added,

The massive deficits and fiscal mismanagement of the current Liberal Government will put culture in the cross-hairs when the inevitable calls come to get spending under control in the future.


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